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    Transitional Living Program For Young Women

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    Our Program Combines a Structured Home Environment with Helpful Guidance and Support

    Journey Home East, one of the leading transitional living programs, is the perfect fit for young women ages 17-21 who are ready to build on the skills and strengths gained in therapeutic or residential setting but feel as if they still need guidance and support to further develop their success.

    Located in Asheville, North Carolina we help young women from all over the country find their purpose and plan for the future.

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    Students at Journey Home East can choose to enroll in a local high school or college, or work at a local job. After school or work, students return to the home located in the thriving downtown of Asheville, NC with the other Journey Home East students and staff. They then take part in various activities to help build their skills and develop personal growth. Each student has a personal, individualized plan to help them build skills and discover interests specific to their likes and needs.

    As part of the program students strengthen critical life-skill responsibilities such as:

    • Shopping and Budgeting
    • Meal Preparation and Nutrition
    • Time Management and Setting Personal Goals
    • Transportation and Navigating Public Transit
    • Gaining Meaningful Employment
    • Education and Proper Study Habits
    • Fitness and Personal Hygiene
    • Personal Responsibility of Living Space Cleanliness
    • Recreation and Fulfilling Hobbies

    A traditional home setting, along with positive peer and staff relationships allows for the Student at Journey Home East to build the confidence they need to successfully transition back to a real-world setting.

    Journey Home East is a top rated transitional living program for young women ages 17 to 21. Our mission is to provide young girls with the continued help they need to become successful young adults. Girls find success through our programs five core principles.

    These principles include:

    1. Healthy Living  – Girls continue to develop healthy living styles through life coaching that help them take care of themselves physically and emotionally. With healthy bodies and minds, girls can blossom into productive, happy adults.
    2. Education – Education is an essential part of girls achieving success. At our transitional living program, girls continue their course of learning through high school or college academics. Girls are giving various opportunities to develop and nurture new passions and skills. Picture5
    3. Life Skills – Girls learn accountability through daily activities including chores, hygiene, cleaning, and personal care. Through our life coaching, our students learn how to set financial goals, cook for themselves and others, and skills for interviewing and job searching.
    4. Personal Responsibility – Our transitional living program helps girls learn personal responsibility through task completion, keeping commitments, and teaching organization and time management.
    5. Social Integration – This principle teaches girls how to have deeper friendships and relationships that are healthy for both individuals. They achieve this through positive recreational activities, community service, and healthy socialization and group activities.