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    Journey Home East: Leading Transitional Living Center for Young Women

    what to do after inpatient treatment programJourney Home East specializes in serving young women ages 17-21 who have successfully completed a residential treatment program, therapeutic boarding school, or wilderness therapy program and have demonstrated significant progress indicating their readiness for a life-skills based transitional living program. However, it is recognized that a transition period is necessary to support and provide these young women with the best chance of ongoing success. Journey Home east offers a transitional living center where young women can continue their success and strengths gained during treatment, while preparing themselves for returning back to home. Our transitional living center provides a more real-world, home-like setting than treatments programs but also offers a structure for residents to personalize based on their own needs and interests.

    Located in Asheville, NC Journey Home East helps young women all over the country transition successfully after treatment.

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    Journey Home East students who are still pursuing high school credits have the opportunity to attend a local high school or pursue their GED remotely.  Students can also pursue college course curriculum through local college options or online coursework.teasready

    Instead of academics, some students are working in a local job which Journey Home East can help facilitate. Often these jobs are in retail or in local restaurants. Part of the value in both school and holding down a local job is to reinforce the important life skills of time management, accountability, and achievement.

    Additionally, Journey Home East transitional living program combines practical life-based instruction with continued clinical work to help our students prepare for future success into adulthood. In truth, probably every young adult would benefit from this assistance, but only our Journey Home East students are fortunate enough to receive this guidance and support!

    All the girls at the Journey Home East transitional living program participate in classes such as the following:

    • Nutrition and cooking
    • Financial planning, budgeting, and goal-setting
    • Healthy relationships and dating
    • Other classes as dictated by need and interests to the girls

    Every week, students have opportunities to participate in therapeutic groups and activities related to Healthy Lifestyles and Independent Living Skills.

    As part of the program students strengthen critical life-skill responsibilities such as:

    • transitional living programShopping
    • Meal preparation
    • Maintaining Cleanliness of Living Space and Property
    • Budgeting
    • Transportation
    • Time Management
    • Gaining Employment
    • Appropriate Recreation
    • Personal Hygiene
    • Nutrition
    • Fitness

    Applying to one of the most effective transitional living centers in North Carolina can be the best decision you can help your daughter make. Our admissions team would be happy to answer any of your questions and address any concerns you may have. The journey towards success and happiness can be hard and frustrating at times, but Journey Home East makes the process as smooth and fulfilling as possible.

    Through Journey Home East, students establish personal, academic, and career – oriented goals that can help them continue on their journey towards success long after they leave Journey Home East.