Applying To One Of The Top Transitional Housing Programs

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After leaving residential treatment centers, therapeutic boarding schools, or wilderness therapy, sometimes young women aren’t ready to enter the unstructured environment of everyday life. That’s where transitional housing programs like Journey Home East can help.

Unlike other transitional housing programs, Journey Home East offers a nurturing, supportive environment for young women who need additional help transitioning out of a residential treatment or wilderness therapy environment. Transitional housing programs like Journey Home East help ensure that your daughter finds lasting success.

Aided with the expertise of therapists and residential staff, your daughter has the opportunity to learn important life skills such as responsibility, budgeting, time management and potentially gaining employment. During their stay at Journey Home East, many of our students are encouraged to get a local job and continue their education at a local community college or university.

Applying to one of the most effective transitional housing programs in North Carolina can be the best decision you can help your daughter make. Our admissions team would be happy to answer any of your questions and address any concerns you may have. The journey towards success and happiness can be hard and frustrating at times, but Journey Home East makes the process as smooth and fulfilling as possible.

Through Journey Home East, students establish personal, academic, and career – oriented goals that can help them continue on their journey towards success long after they leave Journey Home East.

Applying To One Of The Top Transitional Housing Programs - Journey