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    Resident Profile

    Resident Profile

    Journey Home East specializes in serving young women who have successfully completed a residential treatment program and/or therapeutic boarding school and have demonstrated significant progress indicating their readiness for a life-skills based transitional living program. It has been recognized that a transition period after residential treatment can be helpful and provide some of these young women with the best chance of ongoing success. At Journey Home East, we help residents to develop their own individualized Healthy Living Plan.

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    Is Journey Home East right for you?

    Unlike some independent living programs for young adults, our residents must be committed to their continued success and health. We treat young women, ages 17 to 21, who have successfully completed prior programs for teens such as wilderness programs, residential treatment centers, or therapeutic boarding schools and have demonstrated the ability to handle freedoms and responsibilities. We are here to help wean you off of the structure of treatment, set your own goals and become a contributing part of your community.

    Who is not appropriate for Journey Home East?

    It is important to note that residency is on a volunteer basis. Journey Home East DOES NOT accept residents who are on a court order for treatment, or who are involved in the North Carolina State correctional or juvenile justice system. Furthermore, no individual will be admitted whose presence would constitute a direct threat to the health, safety, or property of residents and members of the community. Due to the population we serve, we accept only young women who will contribute to our environment at our transitional living program for young adults and who are motivated to be here.

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