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Why Choose a Transitional Living Program in Asheville?

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transitional living program Asheville

Many young adults who are worried about failure to launch after residential treatment may choose a transitional living program instead of moving back home. They find that moving to a new city may push them out of their comfort zone, but that this move was necessary for them to gain independence. Choosing a transitional living program outside of their hometown gives them some distance from stressors and unhealthy friendships and allows them to focus on their personal goals. Starting over somewhere new can feel overwhelming, but the community in a transitional living program is there to guide young adults every step of the way. Asheville, North Carolina is the perfect place for a transitional living program in a city with a lot of young people and opportunities for struggling young adults.

The Journey Home Neighborhood

Our three-bedroom home is located on a quiet, safe street in downtown Asheville, NC is perfectly suited to provide living assistance for emerging adults leaving treatment. We are within walking distance to local amenities that provide a variety of employment, volunteer and educational opportunities to enhance the independent living component of our program. The residents of Journey Home East will find yoga and dance studios, a rock climbing gym, a variety of locally-owned shops and restaurants, the YMCA fitness center, the Pack Memorial Public Library, and The Fine Arts Theater within walking and biking distance.

The Blue Ridge Parkway

Being surrounded by the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains, there are endless opportunities to get out and explore. Recreation is one of the cornerstones of our program. Many of the young adults we work with have struggled to find direction in their lives and have lost interest in things they used to enjoy. While we organize group activities, we also encourage residents to explore what they like to do. Residents learn to enjoy unplugging from technology and actively showing up in their daily lives by developing healthier habits.

Some outdoor activities in the Asheville area include:

  • Hiking any of its hundreds of connecting trails or summit peaks
  • Taking a drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway at sunset
  • Chasing waterfalls and swimming holes
  • Kayaking or tubing down the French Broad River
  • Practicing rock climbing at the local climbing gym before trying bouldering

Opportunities For Young People

With a handful of colleges closeby, our residents have the opportunity to further their education. The University of North Carolina Asheville, Asheville-Buncombe Technical College, Warren Wilson College, and Mars Hill College are all within 25 minutes of downtown Asheville and have partnered with our students to provide additional support. Students who are still in high school can earn credits through Timbersong Academy, an accredited private school in the area, or choose to take their GED. 

Asheville is also known for being a community of small businesses and nonprofits, which provides a lot of volunteer opportunities and part-time jobs that appeal to young people who are trying to decide what career paths they want to take. Our staff work with students to teach them important job skills, like building a resume, going on job interviews, and resolving workplace conflict. 

Journey Home East Can Help 

Journey Home East is a transitional living program for young women ages 16-21. This program focuses on helping women transition from long-term treatment to the real world. While they are at our program, we help build confidence in young adults. The idea is to ween them off support systems of being in programs for many years and hone in on functional living skills they need to be independent. Journey Home East helps with scheduling for school, classes, work, internships. This program also provides health coaching, relationship building, dating safety and personal safety tips. Students have the opportunity to equip themselves with the skills they need to lead healthy and successful lives post-treatment. We can help your family today!

Contact us at 855-290-9684 to learn more about our transitional living program.