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The Secret to Self Confidence in Young Adults

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self confidence in young adults

Seeing someone we love feel unconfident can be extremely difficult. We are our own worst critic. Sometimes you may not know what to say or do for someone who lacks confidence. Without confidence, going about everyday can be a challenge. One may feel inadequate, less than, incapable, or inferior. Self confidence in young adults is vital to navigating adulthood. When young adults feel confident and empowered they are more able to tackle life’s challenges.

The Formula for Success for Self Confidence in Young Adults

According to Psych Central, there is a formula for success that young adults should consider when looking for ways to improve their own confidence. This is typically a self-driven journey. Here are the tips offered by the source:

  • Take responsibility for yourself. New things can only happen if one implements them. If you wait for peace, good luck or the day when you wake up with increased confidence, you’ll be waiting a long time. Realize that the path toward self-confidence is one that you will have to travel — no one else can do it for you.
  • Begin to experiment with life. Try something new. Go out to dinner alone. Take a class in an unfamiliar subject area. Teach yourself a new skill. Testing your abilities at new endeavors is a wonderful way to learn that you can rely on yourself.
  • Develop an action plan and implement it. Select one area for personal or professional development. Determine the action steps you will take to get there. Put these steps on a timeline. Now implement each step according to plan — no excuses. Every small step you take will be a great boost to your confidence! Set goals and challenge yourself.
  • Stick with it. When you take on a new challenge, stick with it. Self-confidence doesn’t come from each thing you attempt. If it did, one failed effort would bring you back to zero on the confidence scale. True confidence develops from an increasing belief that you can rely on yourself to take action and follow through, no matter what the result. Use failures to build yourself up and keep going.
  • Act “as if.” If you put off taking action until you have confidence, you’ll never do it. In the field of psychology we have come to understand that by changing our behavior, we can change our feelings. So if you take action, and do so with a semblance of outward confidence, the inward, true feeling of confidence, will follow.
  • Find a mentor. Surround yourself with confident people. Ask their advice. No one just wakes up confident. They will be happy to help offer some good tips to get you on the road to confidence.

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