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    Mental Health: the Hot Topic

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    Sometimes it can feel like we are the only person in the world feeling the way we do. But the fact is, we are never alone. Mental health conditions, stress, and unexpected twists in life are common. The impact of mental health conditions and suicide weigh heavy on our society. This is why we need to create a conversation about mental health.

    How talking helps

    Keeping the floor open to mental health talk has the potential to help turn someone’s life around. This subject can often make people feel uncomfortable. Most people do not find enjoyment in discussing the things that haunt them. However, by encouraging mental health talk, we are promoting a sense of unity or connectedness with those around us. This may be a time in which an individual struggling with mental health issues discovers he or she is not alone. Through discourse, we can also provide others with resources to help them and/or valuable information they may not already know.

    Coping with emotions and life’s challenges is no easy task. Phycologists have introduced an effective method for practice called the “name it and tame it” method. This basically encourages individuals to identify their emotions, make sense of the situation, and step away from the situation to regain peace. Opening up and walking through these steps with someone else can be the first step in improving one’s mental health.

    Getting Involved

    There are countless organizations dedicated to promoting discussion on mental health. These organizations create events, workshops, letters, and educational incentives. These are all great ways for you to get involved in the discussion and hopefully encourage others to jump in too. Whether you are participating in events, volunteering, or just speaking out about mental health, these are all bricks that stack up to create a home for mental health talk in our society.

    Journey Home East

    Journey Home East is a program created for young women ages 17-21. The program is dedicated to helping women transition smoothly from long-term treatment to the real world. The focus is on building healthy habits through nutrition, relationship building, personal care, and general life skills. This is an emotionally safe community that provides young women with the tools they need to create a happy, healthy life for themselves. We can help your family today!

    Contact us at  855-290-9684