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Relationship Issues

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After leaving residential treatment, many young adults struggle with feeling isolated from others. Transitioning from a supportive environment where their peers have gone through similar struggles, they reintegrate into society unsure of where they belong or where they even want to belong. They may feel overwhelmed by the idea of launching into adulthood on their own. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t ready to be more independent, but it suggests that strengthening social bonds may help them feel more motivated...

One of the biggest obstacles for young women leaving residential treatment is building healthy relationships. Many teens come from a background of social isolation or making connections based on shared negative experiences or interest in risky behaviors. For both groups of teens, social media has played a role in both helping them maintain social connections and contributing to unhealthy comparisons between bodies, lifestyles, and social status. As an alternative to social media, healthy social activities help girls develop meaningful relationships...

Seeing someone we love feel unconfident can be extremely difficult. We are our own worst critic. Sometimes you may not know what to say or do for someone who lacks confidence. Without confidence, going about everyday can be a challenge. One may feel inadequate, less than, incapable, or inferior. Self confidence in young adults is vital to navigating adulthood. When young adults feel confident and empowered they are more able to tackle life’s challenges. The Formula for Success for Self...