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    A hike through the forest can make you feel connected to nature. The sounds of the waves during a beach run can be relaxing. We know that physical activity can have a positive effect on our overall mental health, but can being in nature provide even more benefits? Why Stay Active? Regular physical activity can help young adults improve cardiorespiratory fitness, build strong bones and muscles, and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. Students who are physically active tend to have better...

    People who regularly exercise report a feeling of well-being. They feel more energetic during the day, experience better sleep, and feel more relaxed and positive about themselves. Aside from the many positive physical benefits, exercise can also have a positive effect on mental health challenges.  Regular exercise can have a positive impact on depression, anxiety, and ADHD. Research indicates that modest amounts of exercise can make a real difference. A 2019 article in Harvard Health found that running for 15 minutes...