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Loneliness is in the air during summer. College students are home, working their summer job, and deprived of their late night Cookout runs with friends. They are no longer neighbors with their BFF and do not have the constant social community around them. Summertime can bring newfound sadness and stresses to the young adult’s life. Home can feel somewhat familiar and somewhat foreign. With a little bit of effort and …

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Youth is a time of life frequently associated with happiness and positivity. Young people often are perceived as cheery, joyful, and filled with hope for the future. The fact is, however, that depression is a very real problem spanning all generations—including the youngest among us. Depression in young adults, furthermore, is a very real problem. Recent studies indicate that as many as 1 in 20 women aged 20-44 suffer from …

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The statistics are shocking and disturbing, to say the least. Out of a recent survey of 10,000 students at 13 of Washington’s two- and four-year institutions, nearly one-third report suffering from depression in the past year, 26 percent have reported anxiety, and more than 10 percent have had suicidal thoughts. Nearly four out of five college students report that emotional distress negatively impacts their academic performance. These statistics seem to …

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