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Building Blocks: Building Independent Living Skills in Young Adults

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Young adults who struggle in the launch to adulthood may be missing some of the key skills to best equip them for the real world. As much as you want to be there for your child to lean on, there comes a point where they must learn independence or else they may expect you to provide for them for a lifetime. To put things in a broader perspective consider these things as the top skills one should acquire in order to launch successfully in to adulthood:

  1. Time Management
  2. Self-Care
  3. Money Management
  4. Communication skills
  5. Getting around
  6. Food preparation
  7. Shopping
  8. Job skills

If your child lacks any or several of these skills, adulthood can seem intimidating or like an impossible task. Building independent living skills in young adults begins at your home. You should begin giving them responsibilities and stop saving them from every crisis. This will help them learn how to handle tough situations and develop their independence.

The Building Blocks

Here are some ways to get started helping your young adult build their independent living skills:

    1. Time management. Teach your young adult to use a schedule. Prioritizing tasks, leaving time for things that have to be done, and being punctual are all important components of time management. Making to-do lists, setting reminders in one’s phone, and keeping a calendar are all great ways to get on board with time management.
    2. Self-care. Self-care is critical to maintaining a healthy mind and body. Make sure your adult takes time for themselves, gets active, and knows the simple rules of self-care. Operating the laundry machine is not a task one just wakes up and knows how to do. There comes a point where you should no longer be washing your young adults’ laundry.
    3. Money management. Balancing a check book, setting finances aside to pay for important things, and avoiding frivolous spending are important tasks your young adult must learn. Give them examples on how to best budget their spending.
    4. Communication skills. Without communication, navigating adulthood is going to be nearly impossible. Small tasks such as scheduling dentist appointments or setting up job interviews require communication skills. Practice these at home with role play. Give your young adult this responsibility.
    5. Getting around. Your young adult must know how to get themselves around town.
    6. Food preparation. Get in the kitchen with your young adult and make sure they know how to prepare simple, easy foods.
    7. Shopping. Your young adult must know how to navigate there way around and make purchases that they need. Engage in shopping experiences with them and practice budgeting during this time.
    8. Job skills. In order to appeal to the professional world, one must acquire simple skills that will be useful in the workforce. Get your young adult involved in the community to learn these tasks.

Journey Home East can help

Journey Home East is a transitional living program for young women ages 16-21. This program focuses on helping women transition from long-term treatment to the real world. The idea is to ween them off support systems of being in programs for many years and hone in on functional living skills they need to be independent. Journey Home East helps with scheduling for school, classes, work, internships. This program also provides health coaching, relationship building, dating safety and personal safety tips. Students have the opportunity to equip themselves with the skills they need to lead healthy and successful lives post treatment. We can help your family today!

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