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    Achieving Greatness: Building Confidence in Young Adults

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    confidence in young adults

    Confidence really is key. However, it isn’t something we just wake up with. Confidence is something we work to build our entire lives. Young adults especially thrive off of confidence. These are the years in which one jumps into the unknown and takes chances to discover what path they want to take in life. According to Psychology Today, the following elements are necessary in achieving one’s own personal greatness:

    • Passionate and committed (because a lot of that striving for your own personal greatness is boring, monotonous, tired, and painful so you have to want it bad),
    • Patient (knowing it will take a long time and being willing to stick with it until you’ve achieved your goals or come close),
    • Persistent (just keep grinding away),
    • Persevering (hanging tough in the face of setbacks),
    • Open (to learning, new ideas and approaches),
    • Agile (adapting to new circumstances on your journey to personal greatness),
    • Resilient (accepting and bouncing back from the inevitable failures you will experience along the way),
    • Relentless (setting your eyes on the prize and never wavering from striving toward your dreams).

    Everyone defines “great” differently and it’s impossible to reach a personal greatness without the courage and confidence to get after it. The young adult years are especially important for establishing a firm sense of confidence. 

    Keys for Confidence Building 

    While you cannot gift your child with confidence, you can help them take steps to grow their own confidence. Offering words of positive assurance and praise are small ways in which you can be encouraging to your child. Here are some other tips for considering:

    • Remember confidence comes from learning you can bounce back from setbacks or failures. Let your young adult know it’s okay not to be perfect. 
    • Stop overthinking. Overthinking and self-doubt get in the way of confidence in young adults. Many times, young people second guess themselves and refrain from taking the chance. Encourage your young adult to go after things that scare them—this can lead to great things. 
    • Forget being perfect. It’s true no one is perfect. As soon as one accepts this fact, life gets a lot easier. Encourage your young adult to be proud of their strengths and the challenges they have overcome. It’s the little in-between victories that contribute to one’s overall confidence.
    • Create a plan. Talk with your young adult about their own definition of greatness. Before we can be great, we must create a plan on how we are going to get there. Write things down. Say them out loud. Believe you can do it. These are the key starters to launching towards success. 

     Journey Home East can help

    Journey Home East is a transitional living program for young women ages 17-21. This program focuses on helping women transition from long-term treatment to the real world. While they are at our program, we help build confidence in young adults. The idea is to ween them off support systems of being in programs for many years and hone in on functional living skills they need to be independent. Journey Home East helps with scheduling for school, classes, work, internships. This program also provides health coaching, relationship building, dating safety and personal safety tips. Students have the opportunity to equip themselves with the skills they need to lead healthy and successful lives post treatment. We can help your family today!

    Contact us at +18552909684