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    5 Tips for Helping Your Young Adult Daughter Transition into Independence

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    transition into independence

    The time when young adults transition into independence is not easy. The “real world” can be quite overwhelming for many. Knowing what to do, where to go, and how to do it is not knowledge we just obtain one day out of nowhere. It takes guidance, watching others, asking questions, and exploring options to find our fit in the adult world. Becoming an independent adult requires baby steps. These steps begin far before one is even actually an adult. There comes a point in your child’s life where it is possible that you are doing too much for them. There are certain roles and responsibilities they should be tackling on their own. Be aware of these things and give yourself the best shot at helping your young adult daughter transition into independence. Use these 5 tips as a guide for helping your young adult:

    1. Let your child participate in household chores. Give your young adult responsibilities around the house whether it be laundry, dishes, vacuuming, etc. this will teach them ways to take care of themselves and their own home.
    2. Hold your child accountable. It is easy to give in and just take responsibility for yourself because you don’t want to see your child fail. However, teaching them accountability is an important way to prepare them for the adult world.
    3. Help young adult set achievable goals. Part of seeking independence includes setting achievable goals and completing tasks to work towards them. Sit down with your young adult and discuss ways in which they can work towards their long term and short-term goals.
    4. Don’t feel pressured to be a hero. When your young adult gets into a predicament, don’t feel obligated to bail them out. Part of independence means developing problem solving skills and learning to cope with challenges appropriately. Allow them to use failures to grow and learn.
    5. Set expectations and boundaries. Communicate with your young adult your expectations of them as an adolescent, that way they won’t feel caught off-guard when you get frustrated if they are not being responsible. Let them know you expect them to participate in household chores.

    Journey Home East can help

    Journey Home East is a transitional living program for young women ages 17-21. This program focuses on helping women transition from long-term treatment to the real world. The idea is to ween them off support systems of being in programs for many years and hone in on functional living skills they need to be independent. Journey Home East helps with scheduling for school, classes, work, internships. This program also provides health coaching, relationship building, dating safety and personal safety tips. Students have the opportunity to equip themselves with the skills they need to lead healthy and successful lives post treatment. We can help your family today!

    Contact us at 855-290-9684.