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    5 Skills for 5 Star Employees: Building Employment Skills in Young Adults

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    employment skills in young adults

    Part of reaching independence as a young adult means one enters into the workforce. Even before then, one begins sharpening skills that will make them a desirable employee. After all, it is hard to get a job if one does not have the skills necessary to perform at the expected level. You as a parent can help with building employment skills in young adults. In small ways and in large ways they can hone in on the general skills that are important in the professional world. The important employment skills that you can help instill in your young adult include:

    Time management and punctuality

    The ability to be punctual is the most important skill for one entering an entry-level position. Learning to manage one’s time and prioritize tasks based off of importance is what will make one a productive employee. You can help your young adult with this by working on using a schedule and prioritizing tasks.

    Professional orientation

    Professional attitude is sometimes a presence that is noted before one even speaks. Professional orientation is expressed through appearance and attire. Talk with your young adult about what professional/appropriate dress looks like. Attitude plays in to this component also. For example, in customer service, if a customer is unhappy, it is inappropriate to argue with them. This is often best learned by experience with previous jobs. Finally, is personal technology use.

    Team work ethic

    Being able to work with and get along with others is important in the workforce. This is how things get done effectively and efficiently. Teamwork qualities are instilled beginning at home with small tasks such as doing laundry together, dishes, tasks with siblings, etc. Of course, joining an actual team is a great way to teach this too!

    Verbal communication

    Without communication, being successful on the job is nearly impossible. Your young adult should be able to express their questions, concerns, and respond accordingly using verbal communication. This is something that is built upon overtime interacting at home and school.


    Problem-solving skills are necessary in the real world in order to overcome any type of challenge or obstacle. People make mistakes. That is inevitable. However, the way we choose to learn or correct our mistakes says a lot about us. Employers look for individuals who are able to use their own experience and creativity to work through challenges. Encourage your young adult to practice their independence and allow them to get out of problems themselves sometimes.

    Journey Home East can help

    Journey Home East is a transitional living program for young women ages 17-21. This program focuses on helping women transition from long-term treatment to the real world. The idea is to ween them off support systems of being in programs for many years and hone in on functional living skills they need to be independent. Journey Home East helps with scheduling for school, classes, work, internships. This program also provides health coaching, relationship building, dating safety and personal safety tips. Students have the opportunity to equip themselves with the skills they need to lead healthy and successful lives post treatment. We can help your family today!

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