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    Transitional Living Program for Families From Idaho

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    Choosing the Best Transitional Living Programs For Teens

    Journey Home East is a top reviewed transitional living program for Idaho teens and young adults. Focused specifically on helping girls ages 17 to 21, our program was was designed to help adolescents who need ongoing support after successfully completing a treatment program. Students who choose to come to our program have often completed treatment at residential treatment centers, wilderness therapy, or a therapeutic boarding school. Our nurturing and welcoming home is perfect for any girl that needs ongoing support.

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    And though our transitional living program isn’t in Idaho, we help young women from Idaho and all over the country.

    With Journey Home East, girls take the skills they have learned elsewhere and build upon them. Through a combination of a traditional home setting and positive peer and staff relationships, students continue to build on the values of good health, healthy hobbies, and becoming happy, successful adults.

    Journey Home East is unique as a transitional living program because we work specifically with Idaho teens that are truly committed to their ongoing success, health, and well-being. The girls who attend have demonstrated the ability to handle freedoms and responsibilities and contribute to a safe environment.

    Learn how your Idaho teen can benefit from our transitional living program by calling (828) 484-9946 today!

    Idaho Families Find Success at Journey Home East’s Transitional Living Program

    Journey Home East is a top-rated transitional living program for girls ages 17 to 21. Our aim is to give girls the help and support they need to thrive as they transition into young adulthood. Girls from Idaho find success through our program’s five core principles.

    Social Integration – With this principle, we help girls from Idaho understand the importance of healthy relationships that serve both individuals. They achieve this through positive recreational activities, community service, and healthy socialization and group activities.

    Life Skills – With daily individual and group activities – like chores, personal care, and cleaning – girls gain practical experience with a variety of life skills. With our life coaching, students gain an understanding of budgeting, cooking, and skills like how to search for a job and interview.

    Personal Responsibility – Our transitional living program helps girls learn personal responsibility through task completion, keeping commitments, and teaching organization and time management.

    Education – Education is an essential part of girls from Idaho achieving success. In our transitional living program, girls are able to move forward with their education with high school and college academics. Girls are able to participate in a wide range of educational opportunities that help them develop new skills and passions.

    Healthy Living – Girls lead a healthy lifestyle informed by their own choices and encouraged by individual life coaching. With healthy bodies and minds, girls can blossom into productive, happy adults.

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