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    Welcome to Journey Home East

    Journey Home East is designed as a 6-12 month step down transitional independent living program that offers therapeutic support, life skills development and refinement, and a template for personal growth and responsibility. Based on structure, support, and mentoring, young women emerge from the Journey Home East program emotionally and intellectually equipped to navigate young adult life.

    Journey Home East

    Our core principles guide our program, from daily decisions to therapeutic goals. Learn more about how they help our students lead happy, productive lives.

    Resident Profile

    We work with young women ages 17-21 that have successfully completed a prior therapeutic treatment and want to continue that success into the future.

    Living In Asheville

    See why so many people want to call Asheville home! Our eclectic and diverse city has so much to offer, and the outdoors offerings are equally as impressive!

    Join Us

    We are excited for you to join our supportive and inspiring community! Take the next step in your journey and contact us to ask questions or apply.

    We Offer Support in a Home-Like Setting

    Journey Home East provides key supportive interventions in a home-like setting. We include various types of interventions including group, individual, and family support. As a transitional independent living program, we also help our residents work on independent living skills, develop positive peer and community relationships, help them with academic success, and provide exciting recreational activities.

    Journey Home East helps provide the opportunity for greater freedoms and responsibilities entailed in pursuing further education or having a job. Residents are being supported in this process by our skilled staff.

    Learn About the 5 Core Principles of Journey Home East

    Life Skills Residents Develop at Journey Home East

    -Financial literacy
    -Money management and banking
    -Meal planning, shopping, and cooking
    -Planning and prioritization skills
    -Accountability and follow through
    -Time management
    -Task completion
    -Emotional inventory and regulation
    -Peer relationships
    -Intuitive eating and nutrition

    after residential treatment

    Our Resident Profile

    Journey Home East is the perfect fit for:
    -Young women ages 17-21
    -Who have successfully completed some sort of therapeutic programming
    -Who are willing to refine skills previously acquired in a therapeutic setting

    Who may have struggled with:
    -Depressive and anxiety disorders
    -Body image issues
    -Low self-esteem
    -ADD/ADHD and other learning issues
    -In need of mentoring and limited clinical support

    “Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home.” -Matsuo Basha

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